Certified Equine Specialist, Neurofeedback Practitioner, PLT Therapy, Professional Behavior Analyst, Success Strategist

Ron loves helping others become the best version of themselves, by overcoming trauma, self-doubt and limiting beliefs.  Ron and Lisa have helped thousands of people through consulting, coaching and NeuroBalanced, and have a heart for helping others.

In 2013, he and his wife Lisa sold all of their companies and "retired."  

In 2018 they sold their dream home, moved and created  Back Forty Farms, a 42-acre ranch and is also the home of NeuroBalanced.  This slice of heaven includes many therapy horses, a variety of farm animals, wildlife, and a large creek nestled along the property.  All of this in a safe, quiet, secure, peaceful and healing environment.

Ron's passion is the American Revolution.  His 5th Great-Grandfather fought in it, he and Lisa teach it at a local school, hosts a podcast and much more.  If he isn't doing research about it, he's reading a book on the topic, talking about it or teaching about it.

Ron is author of Love Your Work - Unlock Your Potential, Love Your Life 


Ron and Lisa have two amazing children and have been married for 31 years.


TI-EAL (Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Learning) • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Certification • Certified in PLT (Polychromatic Light Therapy) • Professional Behaviors Analyst (CPBA) • Driving Forces Analyst (CPDFA) • Entrepreneurship Master Coach • Leadership & Development Master Coach • Personal Success Master Coach • Principles of Christian Life Coaching • Communication and Interview Mastery • Certified Business Strategy & Growth Expert • Go-Giver Life & Business Master Coach



Certified Equine Specialist, Neurofeedback Practitioner

Lisa spent many years as a group fitness instructor and throughout the years has had an extensive interest in nutrition and cooking.


After selling their business in 2013, where Lisa was CFO and managed Human Resources, Ron and Lisa started their non-profit LIMBitless, which inspires the adaptive community, including veterans, to become more active. She is an avid cook and gardener at their beautiful property,   Lisa is currently pursuing a certification in Functional Nutrition and plans to offer farm-to-table cooking classes to share her love of both cooking and nutrition!


Lisa received her certification from Natural Lifemanship in 2019 and loves to share the trauma-healing power of horses with anyone who needs it.  



TI-EAL (Trauma Informed Equine Therapy), PLT (Polychromatic Light Therapy), 

Johnny with horses


Bachelor of Science Mathematics Secondary Education, Certified Equine Specialist

Johnny U. is a certified Level II equine specialist through EAGALA, a model of equine-assisted psychotherapy services which focuses on growth and learning.  He also trains in diaphragmatic breathing and movement and meditation.

Throughout his years the only constant in Johnny’s life has been horses. His love of horses helped him connect with his father, which led to Johnny becoming a professional rodeo cowboy.  After high school in Shoshone, Idaho, Johnny attended Idaho State University on a track scholarship. Following graduation, he became a high school math teacher. But it wasn’t the algebra or geometry that motivated Johnny. “My favorite part of teaching was the counseling,” he says. “Some kids have come back and said, ‘You saved my life because you let me spend time to visit with you.’ That is the best thing.”


In the fall of 1983, Johnny began down a new road and launched a successful music career. For 15 years Johnny U and the Dodge Country Band toured the nation 300 days out of the year. Throughout his music career Johnny recorded 10 albums, his first single, “He’s a Cowboy,” charted in 1984, and he had six top-10 songs in Europe.  If you ask Johnny he says he "dabbled" in music, however opening for Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson is a bit more than dabbling.


As country music evolved Johnny U always stayed true to his roots. “I’m very western and very cowboy. That’s who I am. That’s what I do best.”  Working in the EAP field has provided a great opportunity for Johnny to combine his love of horses, desire to help youth, and even bridging in things he learned along the way through his music career. 


Of the work with the horses and youth Johnny facilitates and witnesses, he has this to say, “It is the most wonderful and powerful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Tara Pugmire Equine Assisted


Certified Equine Specialist

An Idaho native, Tara is passionate about our youth.  For five-years she worked at detention centers, group homes, Intermountain Hospital and in the adolescent psychologic unit.  During these years Tara helped develop a horse therapy program at a group home in Utah. 

Tara has worked with developmentally delayed children and adults and has an amazing way to connect with our clients.  Dedicated to education, she created a "Micro-School" and is on the board of an educational non-profit foundation.  She is actively involved with current legislation for educational reform and innovation.

Bringing both horse and people experience together, she has helped transform many of our clients to the best version of themselves.

Tara is married, a mother of five children, and although she never boasts about it, is an exceptional photogrpaher.

Chiquita Miranda Horse


Certified Equine Specialist

Growing up in Idaho, Miranda has always been familiar with horses. When she learned about equine therapy, she was instantly intrigued. After struggling with personal traumas, she wanted to take the leap and completed the NeuroBalanced program.  After completion, Miranda learned that helping others is her calling now.

Miranda has always been a nurturing person, and after experiencing her healing with equine therapy, she knew that being certified was something she wanted to pursue. She has a drive for helping and supporting others, especially adolescents.


Miranda is a dedicated mother to 3 children. She is also a dedicated friend, sister, daughter, and employee to Pioneer Title Company as an Escrow Officer. Her desire to dedicate herself to help people heal their own traumas and experience is something she enjoys and continues to look forward to through equine therapy.


The magnitude of healing that horse therapy provides is astounding to her and she couldn’t picture a better experience and way to help others, and continuing self-love while pursuing her passion.