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is a non-invasive & drug-free therapeutic intervention that measures your brainwave activity and trains your

brain using visual and auditory cues

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"Although it can produce a wide variety of benefits, 31 years of insomnia was 97% gone.  I'll be honest, I was skeptical but am now a firm believer in this technology.  It helped me so much that I want to share it with everyone." 

Ronald Kern - Founder of NeuroBalanced

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a therapeutic intervention that provides immediate feedback from a computer-based program that assesses a client’s brainwave activity. The program then uses sound or visual signals to reorganize or retrain these brain signals. By responding to this process, clients learn to regulate and improve their brain function and to alleviate symptoms of various neurological and mental health disorders

What are some of the benefits that clients have reported with neurofeedback?

  • Deep and refreshing sleep

  • Sharper focus and concentration 

  • Faster memory and recall 

  • Feeling more confident & determined 

  • Increased concentration and focus

  • Better decision making 

  • Newly motivated and driven

  • Deeply relaxed and less fearful 

  • More inspired and creative 

  • Enhanced performance 

  • Improvements in studying and learning

  • More energy

  • Calm, peace and joy 

  • Wellness

  • Emotional Well-Being 

  • Improvement in relationships

How does it work?

The brain is your central command center. When your brain is out of balance, or stuck, you don’t feel right and it’s impossible to function at your highest level. Our machines are proven technology that’s non-invasive and highly effective. Our headband can help your brain free itself, enabling you to achieve higher levels of well-being and balance throughout your life.

Neurofeedback is not considered a cure, but rather a method of managing or regulating the workings of the brain so it functions in a healthier manner. This is achieved by repeated training sessions using a computerized neurofeedback program that teaches your central nervous system to reorganize and regulate brainwave frequencies. Neurofeedback assesses your brain and provides information about areas of dysfunction that are causing symptoms so that they can be treated directly. Various neurofeedback methods and equipment are used for different types of neurological problems.

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